Financial Services

Our financial services include various services you need related to money management. Financial services are essential for business improvement and development. This services help businesses to be able to compete in market since financial services affect company's performance, efficiency and its credit.  
What we will do for you:
  • Finance Tool (Software)
  • Small Business Loan
  • Accounting
  • Merchant Account
  • Point of Sale System (POS)
  • Tax Audit
  • Payroll Management
Financial Tool (Software)
Collecting and analyzing financial information are principal for a business success. Without suitable financial tool each business may lead to costly mistake. Thus, accurate and relevant data is needed for a business success which is achievable through financial management software. If you want to simplify and optimize your financial analyzing process, we can offer you the best financial software.
Small Business Loan  
For small business owners, it brings advantages since this is capital or money that may not available for them. We can get small business loan for you if you want to develop your physical location, building credit, purchasing more inventory, finding business opportunity which is not reachable due to your budget and even you want to try new talent in your business.
Each business needs accounting to evaluate business performance and to determine whether its income cover all its costs because a successful business earn benefit. It is also important for a company to report valid financial information to stockholders which helps them to evaluate their business and allocate resources to profitable products and services. If you need accounting to evaluate business’ success, we have professional accountant team who can help you to achieve this goal.

Merchant Account 
A merchant account allows a business to accept debit and credit cards online or in person.  Merchant account boost your business sales since it is not essential for customers to pay cash. You can accept payment from everywhere and everyone and protect you from invalid checks. it helps you to accelerate checkout procedure efficiently. If you want to have merchant account, enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales through offering different payment method, we can setup merchant account for you.
Point of Sale System (POS)
POS is flexible and reliable system that helps each business to enhance productivity.  POS system allows you to find out which products or services sells best that is important to control business costs and allocate resources to beneficial products and services. POS let you to track business performance and communicate with customers via loyalty programs and promotional tools. We have expert team to setup POS system for you to help you to track business performance. 
Tax Audit
Internal Revenue Service of United States (IRS) examining the tax return of a person or a business to find -out whether reported financial information accurate and valid. We have certified public accountant (CPA) team who can help you to organize required information, schedule for your payments to occur on time and assist you to save your money as much as possible. 
Payroll Management
Payroll effects on all parts of a business from staffs' feeling, compensation system, company's financial consistency and its reputation. We've got professional CPA team who is able to help you shield your organization reputation by checking conformity with all regulations and to handle your payroll.