We believe

Management, Marketing, IT and Finance are the main keys to operations, that when approached rigorously, becomes a cornerstone of profitability and growth.

​​Founded in 2008 under name of “ArSa Web Group” as a Los Angeles web design company, “ArSa” has grown to be a full-service B2B marketing  firm offering branding services for companies across North America under new name “Lidoma Business Solution”.
Lidoma Business Solution is a full-service business development, management and marketing consulting company focused on offering a variety of solutions and services for small business and mid-size companies at an affordable price.

We do everything you need when developing your business including business consulting, marketing activities, sales communication strategies, graphic design, IT and financial services to promote your brand and increase your company’s sales. We also organize your business event and offer business education workshop for small and mid-size businesses to educate them due to market changes and help them to expand their networking. The advantage of using Lidoma Business Solution is cost effective total solution that allows you to implement changes quickly.

Who We Are

If you are looking for a company that says “yes” to everything, you found a right one.
We make your business efficient through our professional team and full required services.
We have a talented and skilled team with experience in many various sectors.
We know that each business is different and we prepare specific strategy with unique characteristics for your company. A business project that does not focus on unique aspects of the business is nearly guaranteed to fail.


Single source of any business and digital marketing solution that you need to run your company more efficient. Lidoma Business Solution works with companies across North America. If your business is serious about growing, Lidoma Business Solution is the agency for you.

We offer you products, services in various packages based on your need to enhance your business and sale. In accordance to this mission, we have three packages for our customers including Gold, Silver, and Bronze which contain difference product and services.

About Us